NEW FOR 2015

The Smarten Up Institute was created in response to the increasing demand for better educated and more knowledgeable individuals in the financial and securities markets in Canada, no matter their role. 

We strive to bring our students the most comprehensiv topics relevant to today's challenging marketplace. SUI believes providing subjects that are provocative and exciting creates students who become engaged and smarter industry participants.

New for 2015 are:

  • Online "Real-Time" & Eco friendly Manuals - to capture changes on the fly!
  • More COMPLIANCE courses addressing all the latest updates!
  • CRM II
  • Volcker Rule
  • Advanced ETFs
  • Leveraged ETFs  
  • Correspondent/Carrier: Policy/Regulation/Governance
  • FLEECING the FLOCK: Public Awareness course, and 
  • Introduction to Stock Trading for the Investor

We're in the process of developing exciting NEW courses, so please keep checking back for a list as they become available.