Smarten Up Institute Raises the Bar for Financial Industry Education ...


Smarten Up Institute Raises the Bar for Financial Industry Education in Canada
Courses Led by Industry Experts Now Available to Back Office, Operations and IT Specialists

Toronto, October 4, 2010 -- Smarten Up Institute, Canada's premier education center for back office, operations and financial IT professionals, has announced their introductory course schedule. Instruction will be available in trade processing, clearing and settlement, FX processing, mutual fund governance, custody, project management, global securities services, communications and technology. Classes will be held in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

  • Three-day course, October 25-27 2010 Vancouver or January 17-19 2011 Toronto
  •  Led by Marc Gage, renowned producer, director and national news reporter for CBC and CTV.
  • Four-day course, November 22-25 2010 Toronto
  • Led by Stan Deudney, former president of the Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS), Architect of its SSS and BBS systems and current President and CEO of Transatron Systems Inc.
  • Four-day course, January 24-27 2010 Toronto or March 28-31 2011 Vancouver
  • Led by Andrée Ouellet, former examiner at the Montreal Stock exchange and current SVP for Corporate Infrastructure Management at Penson Canada.
 Mr. Deudney notes: “The available education options for back office, operations and financial IT professionals across Canada are fractured at best – no one provides dedicated and ongoing education to this crucial sector of the financial marketplace except SUI. Their programs allow an underserved segment of the industry to study with veterans who have been immersed in the global financial markets for years.”
Laurie Clark, president and CEO of SUI comments: “The financial industry has had a real need for a comprehensive center of learning and teaching excellence. I envision SUI to be a place where collaborative, flexible and well-rounded leaders emerge with an understanding of the global markets and a deep knowledge of the back office, operations and IT processes that fuel them. They will have the ability to excel in their current role or to achieve the position they aspire to and be well-equipped to navigate the evolution and upheavals of the financial industry.”
Smarten Up Institute was created to preserve and augment the knowledge that back office, operations and financial IT professionals lose to attrition and other changes in the global marketplace. In addition to SUI’s flagship programs, the institute offers mentorship programs where students can work alongside the best professionals in the business and gain in-depth knowledge of how international markets function and interrelate.
SUI will also offer SMART TALK™; a live online interactive webinar series that provides an opportunity to chat live with leaders and newsmakers about provocative topics. SUI’s roster of SMART TALK instructors will include such industry luminaries as: Versus Associates Strategic Consultant, Doug Steiner, SUI President and CEO, Laurie Clark and Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) President and CEO, Ian Russell.

Smarten Up Institute exists to provide quality education to back office, operations and financial IT professionals who want to excel in today’s demanding global financial marketplace. SUI brings an approach to education that is unmatched in Canada. In addition to ongoing educational programs, SUI provides unique opportunities for in-depth exchanges with academic and business leaders who serve in the financial industry. The Institute, based on a university model, equips participants with market-relevant information that is directly applicable to back office, operations and financial IT functions within the global marketplace.


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