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Fast Track to EMP

The Fast Track Program provides the student/registrant a valuable way to ensure passing proficiency courses for licensing. The Fast Track program inlcudes the Partners, Directors and Officer's  (PDO) exam, the Chief Compliance Officer's (CCO) exam, the New Entrants (NEC) exam, the Conduct and Practices Hanbook (ETHICS/CPH) exam, and the Exempt Market Proficiency (EMP) exam. 

SUI provides the Fast Track to the Exempt Market Proficiency courses. This course is a comprehensive one day in-person/on-site instructional review of the material components of the Private Capital Market Associations' Exempt Market Proficiency (EMP) course  for the qualifying exam. The fees identified on the website for this course are based on a minimum 12 person class.

Fees for one-to-one instruction or virtual instruction differs per topic, including:  PDO, CCO, CFO, EMP, and ETHICs. 

Students will register online for this course and a date will be provided by email at

Email for specific dates and register online.
Instructors will be indentified to the student directly for the dates chosen. 

This course is beneficial for the following:
  • persons wishing to sell non-prospectus instruments
  • persons wishing to learn more about the Private Capital Markets
  • persons wishing to be compliant with Canadian legislation when dealing with the Private Capital Markets and in understanding the regulations associated with non-prospectus instruments. 
All persons registering for this in-person/on-site course MUST be registered for the Exempt Market Proficiency Course to ensure exam registration. 

Persons registered for this in-person/on-site course will understand more fully the following so they may ensure passing the EMP exam:

What are EMDs and how are they registered?
What National Instrument governs their registration?
What is the jurisdiction and obligations applied?
What are the two primary capacities in which EMDs may act in the capital markets? 
What is the qualification criterial
 for exempt purchasers and exempt securities? 
What are the forms for registration? 
What are the registration requirements for the individuals dealing with non-prospectus instruments? 
What are the categories of individual registrations? 
What are the compliance obligations of each category of registration? 

This segment of the securities market is growing 8% year over year and therefore the persons that are involved in the selling of securities must understand their and their client's obligations so they are both protected. 

This one day in-person/on-site class will go over the EMP so the student is comfortable with the exam. The student MUST be registered for the EMP PCMA exam and will also have read the text prior to attending the class. 

Course Code: OPC20 *Per Person Fee based on 12 person minimum class size.