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Smart Talk® is a live chat series….An opportunity to chat live, or by virtual class, with the leaders and news makers of our industry. It provides an easy and convenient forum to access some of the best and brightest minds in Canada's financial marketplace today.  

SUI believes that technology can play a valuable role in the total training solution and we have designed our “Smart Talk” to provide a high-quality, web technology experience, covering a variety of up-to-date and provocative topics in the financial industry.

Virtual Classes

The Smarten Up Institute is proud to offer Virtual Classes - LIVE; expert led “Live Chats” that gives you the freedom to learn anywhere.

A Virtual Classroom is a web-based environment that allows students to participate in live training events without the need to travel. Students listen to lectures, participate in exercises, ask questions, and receive feedback just as they would do in a conventional classroom—except they do so from the convenience of their desktops, or anywhere an Internet connection and an audio enabled computer are available. It saves the hassle, expense, and travel time to a training site.

Virtual SUI classes recreate a physical classroom in a virtual setting all delivered via a standard web browser. A powerful presentation space and white board serve as a focal point for the class. Instructors have an array of tools to monitor and support students in real time and students can interact with each other and the instructor via voice or text. Virtual SUI allows you, the student, to get the best financial training without leaving your desk!

Look for our upcoming series of Live Chats with industry experts, providing you the rare opportunity to speak with today’s leaders of the global financial marketplace….