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The Smart Approach to Successful Learning!

The Smart Mentor Program®

One of the fundamental beliefs at SUI is that if we design a custom one-year curriculum based on a student's individual strengths and provide further custom courses to reduce or eliminate their weakness plus give them unfettered access to the best and most challenging people in the financial and investment industry to work with, they will succeed beyond expectation. 

The following describes how and why the Smart Mentor Program works and why it's generating so much excitement.

Partnered with leading universities across Canada, the program is designed as a mentor style, facilitation approach and exclusive to each individual. 

Once accepted into the program the student undergoes an intense interview and analyses of the skills needed to achieve their goal.  The student is then provided with a series of courses designed exclusively for the individual, along with practicum placements within the industry.  Upon completion of the one year program, the student returns to his/her firm with a truly unique and specialized education.

The basis for success of the program is two fold:  one, the student gets access to the best in the industry and the best customized program available, and two, in turn, the student's firm gets the benefit of the employees' increased knowledge and relationships, along with an employee that is highly motivated to succeed.

The Smart Mentor Program is excellent for the industry as a whole.  It creates a pool of incredibly engaged, motivated and highly skilled resources that the industry can ultimately draw from. 

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