The Art of Communication for the Financial Professional
“The Art of Communications: Effective Skills for the Financial Professional” is a three (3) day course designed specifically for the financial and investment professional that is either intending on entering or is already working in the bank, the credit union or the brokerage industry.
This course will provide the student with a thorough understanding of the foundation of communication. It will address the importance of writing and speaking clearly and concisely.
Communications is an important tool in any personal interaction and professional career.  It is the one tool, when mastered, which will make you more successful immediately. The instructors, both international experts in media communications, have designed an innovative teaching technique using media dynamics and media aids to improve both written and verbal skills.
Students will be taught how to write and speak with clarity and ensure the message is both powerful and, most importantly, correct. The instructors will use television and media equipment so participants will learn to refine their ability to present the message and to improve the delivery of information. Marc Gage and Paul Guenette have more than 50 years of combined experience in television news, movies and currents affairs and have lead public relations and communications skills courses including clients in both the public and private sector; the resource sector, finance and government both domestically and internationally.
All course materials are provided. Upon confirmation of registration, the student will receive a free one-year subscription to Investment Executive, Canada's Newspaper for Financial Advisors.

The Art of Communication for the Financial Professional
Day 1 Day 2
Introductions and Background
  • This course provides practical and proven techniques for finance personnel. We will demonstrate how communication techniques in media can augment your overall communication and presentation skills and how these techniques  are the key factors for succeeding in any career.
  • We will discuss the perception of the financial community among the non financial world and why it is so important to get the message right. We will utilize media tools, i.e. use of writing skills in conjunction with the camera, to instil the key elements of how to communicate and present successfully.

The Anatomy of the Message

  • Afternoon Workshop : Prepare and Write a News Story or a Press Release (Refine, Peer Review, Critique, Rewrite)

Overview and implications for clear and concise communication skills for the financial industry

Media as a tool

  • Video Clips – Samples of Poor Messaging

Morning Workshop

  • Key Messages
  • Using media techniques, the students will be interviewed and “on camera” televised. Exercise will include scenarios of stressful situations where clarity and precise communication skills must be in place. Peer reviews and critiques will follow.

Afternoon Workshop

  • Pro-Active vs. Re-Active Communications
  • Scenario 1: Participants are interviewed (on camera) in a “Good News Story”
  • Scenario 2: Participants are interviewed (on camera) in a “Hard News Story”
 Day 3
  • Recap of the fundamentals taught in Days 1 and 2.
  • Provide another opportunity to refine the skills taught
  • Team Activity: Write a News Story or Press Release
  • Key Messages

On Camera Interviews and Critiques

  • Role Playing exercises to demonstrate difficult scenarios where communication must be clear and concise.
  • Additional On Camera Exercise – Crisis Situation Story
  • Evaluation
The Art of Communication for the Financial Professional
Persons that should register for this course are:

  • Persons interested in practical methods to increase communication skills to become more  successful in personal interactions and professional careers.
  • Industry professionals wishing to increase their marketability
  • Persons that wish to increase their communication skills to improve  their message and their presentations.
  • Persons that wish to understand the art of communication in an engaging and practical hands-on approach from international media communications experts.
The Art of Communication for the Financial Professional
The benefit to the student is:
  • A thorough understanding of the foundations of the art of communication
  • Gaining an appreciation for the importance of excellent communication skills.
  • Developing the technique to gain excellent communication skills for the future leader who must speak clearly and concisely, and with confidence; understanding that effective communication is a vital tool to be successful in personal interactions and professional careers.
  • Learning the methods of how to get your message across to colleagues.
  • Develop the skill set to prepare key messages.
  • Provide real-life interview experience with  on-camera activities.
The Art of Communication for the Financial Professional

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Instructor:  Mr. Marc Gage

International Communications and Media Management Specialist
Marc is a rare educator that brings his enormous life experience to the classroom in a powerful and engaging style. A leader in the media field with over 25 years experience as a television reporter, executive producer, news manager, media trainer and international communications specialist, he is both forthright and challenging. The student is immediately drawn to his enormous sense of humour and the breadth of his global experience. The tools used in class provide methods for excellent learning and also give the students a way to visualize and review the skills taught. Students rave about his style of teaching and his wonderful ability to impart practical skills in a unique and fun way.
Portfolio in Television and Media includes:
  • Producer, Director and National News Reporter for Canada’s two national television networks, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Canadian Television (CTV). 
  • Media development and reform in Bosnia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia and the Middle East with a focus on developing successful commercial models for broadcast media in a challenging and limited advertising market and developing programme models with a focus on business development. 
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Office of Transition Initiatives, Iraq Transition Initiatives (ITI) program and the development of a democratic media in Iraqi radio and television. 
  • Managed multi-cultural personnel and television programming in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Portfolio in Education includes: 
  • Developed a news training model for entry-level First Nations and Inuit reporters for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in the Canadian Arctic. 
  • Developed and taught a Media Relations and Crisis Communications course for Continuing Education, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Wrote, produced and directed a variety of corporate video presentations for the public and private sector, political parties and candidates at the National, Provincial and Municipal government levels across Canada and abroad.
  • Advised Senior United Nations personnel/UNICEF management on personal imagery, presentation, style and on camera interview skills in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Instructed individuals/NGO’s/corporate officials on delivery of the key messaging and the art of preparing and writing a news release across Canada and abroad.
  • Directed training seminars for corporate executives, politicians and government officials across Canada and abroad on the Art of Communication and Key Messages.
  • Direct media training seminars for corporate executives, politicians and government officials.
  • Train public affairs spokespersons for the Ministry of Narcotics – Office of Poppy Eradication, Government of Afghanistan in Kabul, Afghanistan. Work with the group on key messaging, audience presentation and communications.
  • Train Coca Cola executives in Africa on communication issues specific to the continent. Work with the group on messaging, on performance and presentation.
The Art of Communication for the Financial Professional