Announcing our SMART Online Web Learning System

SUI New I  April 11, 2013  I Vancouver, BC

An easy and effective way to manage your in-house and regulatory learning requirements.

Once enrolled in this new learning facility, each registrant has their own homepage where they can manage their courses and the reporting features make it easy for support staff to monitor and administer the entire education program. 

SMART online web learning system

Some of the great features included are:

  • A simple format that provides quick access to courses.
  • Easy navigation.
  • A graphic progress display on each registrant’s homepage.
  • Flexible and customized administrative reports.
  • Multiple views for of the same data for registrants, support staff and managers.
  • Progress reporting.
  • Course schedules and completion dates are customizable.
  • Reports can key off of an employee number to provide integration with other systems.
  • Automatic email notification of course completion and other milestones.
  • CE credits by each regulator are displayed for each course.

Full support is provided for setup, configuration and reporting.

Please email to book a demonstration of our SMART online web learning system…be smart.

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