One Man's Struggle to Achievement

One Mans Struggle to Achievement | Augst 15, 2011 | iContact

SUI has met some great people along the way in it's endeavour to bring practical and applied education courses to the financial and investment industry. Once in a while, there's a story that emerges that begs us to take note.  

He started in the financial industry over 17 years ago when he recognized he wanted a better life for himself and his family. He's worked in investment firms in Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and has travelled to many smaller cities and towns across Canada on his path to success.  He's an Advisor for a boutique Investment Counsel firm in Western Canada and loves his life's work.

While the individual in question has asked us not to reveal his name as he's still along the path to achievement in the journey to WIN, the story is too compelling not to share with everyone. 

He's been struggling to overcome the challenge in getting the credentials necessary to achieve his future goals in the industry. Learning was always difficult and was not the highest priority. Also, the instruction was limited and he never had the choice of an expert instructor willing to take the time to provide clear examples. 

When he fist spoke to me he asked how difficult the courses were and if the in class structure was one-on-one. He had taken many courses in the past and had always struggled enormously to get through them. In fact, with many courses he just simply gave up. The online and out of classroom style just wasn't working for him.  The online style does not work for many. He was very happy to see a firm now offering an in-class and instructor-led approach.

He came to SUI hesitantly and has now become our biggest fan.  He was successful in passing the Operations Course.  Many have noted how tough this course is.  The achievement he met at SUI is simple to explain. It's the support he received from the instructor, and the way in which the Institute operates. We don't believe in failure. SUI believes in SUCCESS.  We helped him to understand the concepts and the difficult topics we covered. When he needed more help, we were there to give him the support and explain things more directly.

He's now helping others achieve what he himself has, and able to serve his client base with skill and more applied knowledge. SUI knows he will continue to enrol in other courses at SUI because of his success.  We're very proud we were able to lend a hand... Success is measured in many ways, and this is the type we're most proud of because it's the most contagious and the most rewarding.

At SUI we lead by example, and both approaches, online and instructor led, are created for the student's ultimate success.

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