SUI attends the IIAC Annual Conference

Laurie Clark represented Smarten Up Institute at the IIAC Annual Conference on September 15th at the MaRs Discovery Center, Toronto. The theme of “Forging a New Level of Trust in the New Financial World" another timely and extremely important topic for all industry professionals. 

The keynote speaker, the honorable Sheila Bair, 19th Chairman of the US Federal Depository Insurance Corporation spoke on “Navigating the Regulatory Landscape in the Wake of the Financial Crisis”.   A very insightful and forthright discussion which struck key points with our Institute with her comments on the U.S. bailouts which she believes should not have happened: 
  • She believes in a financial industry where there are consequences that must occur to incorrect actions in the marketplace. 
  • With the onset of constant bailouts there is no penalty for bad decisions and no bad result as in other business transactions in normal circumstances.  
At Smarten Up Institute we encourage the participants in the industry to be responsible and take the actions necessary to keep current with the ever changing regulatory environment to ensure they are acting in their firm and clients best interests and keeping abreast of the education needs to be successful in the industry in which they serve.
The evening of the event featured Stephen Lewis on the topic of “Different Perspectives on Trust and Integrity”. His ending point drove home the significance of regaining trust and integrity in the industry, community and indeed at the global level:
“The world needs principled, prerogative, decent people to lead it and it’s no longer the purview of a country but as part of the global community".
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