WIN $1000 to play at Angus Glen!

SUI I Feb 05 , 2015  I Toronto, ON

   Angus Glen     

WIN $1000 to play Angus Glen

From now until July 30, 2015 anyone visiting the Smarten Up Institute booth at upcoming conferences, attending SUI classes, or confirming YES to communications from the Smarten UP Institute will have a chance to win $1000 to play at Angus Glen Golf Course.



Every participant of a conference or class attended with the Smarten Up Institute receives 2 chances to putt from the end of the green. 

Hole in One winners receive a sleeve of SUI golf balls and their name is entered into a draw along with other successful participants for the chance to win a $1000 Gift Certificate at Angus Glen Golf Club & Conference Centre. 

Another way to WIN is to say YES to receiving communications from the Smarten Up Institute and you'll be entered into the contest!
It's our way of saying thanks for all your support.

Please refer back for the latest update on qualifying winners listed below.

Best of luck and  say YES  to SUI News!


Qualifying Winners

Dennis MacPherson, SGGG Fund Services
Charbel Cheaib, CIBC Mellon
Justin Oliver, BMO ETFs
Mark Toren, Toren & Associates
Kelly Ashbee, Charles River
Sudip Ghosh, Morningstar
Lisa Becker, University of Toronto
Kamalini Kamalanathan, SGGG Asset Management
David Rogan, Rogan Investment Fund Services
Daniel Sachanecki, TD Bank Group
Bryan Tamblyn, Mackie Research
Matthew Horwood, Mackie Research
John Cuddihey, MD Management
Robert Kim, CIBC
Bill Voinou, BMO
Bill Brown, MD Management
Kyle Elder, BMO
Steve Benham, IFDS
Mario Frankovich, Burgeonvest Bick Securities
Phil Boyd, Fundata
Karim Yehia, CDS
Jim Dodge, SP Dow Jones
Kelly Tang, SP Dow Jones
Akhil Kaman, CGI
Ankit Bajaj, CGI
Garry Kwan, BMO Nesbit Burns 
Mike Salisbury, Canaccord 
Alex Wong, Fundserv
Bob Crichton, Sunlife 
Jay Cox, RBC 
Reid Baker, Fundata 
Brian Bridger, Fundata
Richard Farmer, The Farmer Group 
Wayne Thompson, NBC 
Steve Benham, IFDS Group 
Wood Pelleg, Broadridge
Dinesh Xavier, Broadridge 
Mario Frankovich, BBSL 
Paul Pryde, Quotemedia 
Phil Boyd, Fundata 
Karim Yehia, CDS
John Byck, Royal Can Mint 
Craig Lazzara, SP Dow Jones 
Rohit Mehta, SP First Asset 
Dan Galszechy, SP First Asset 
Rob Andrews, Family Wealth 
Blake Williams, Mandeville 
Byron Monaghan, CI Investments 

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