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Advanced ETFs


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Canadian investors have approximately $95 billion invested in over 400 Canadian-listed ETFs. As ETFs gain in popularity as an alternative to other traditional collective investment vehicles they will possibly become  a greater focus for  regulators than they currently are, requiring  investment professionals  to be prepared and well versed in what ETFs are, and what they aren’t about.

The objective of this online course is to provide the financial services professional with an advanced level overview of Exchange Traded Funds starting with a look at the history and background of ETFs in Canada and globally.

Gain a better understanding of the ETF structure, characteristics and types of products and how ETFs compares to other financial products. Learn the investment strategies, tax consequences and regulations that impact ETFs that you should be aware of.

This is an excellent primer for the Advanced ETFs classroom course and Science of ETFs.

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This course should be of particular interest to:

  • Interested in understanding ETFs & how they differ from Mutual Funds
  • Interested in trading this product or adding this product to their portfolio
  • Interested in the strategies involved in this product


We recommend a basic knowledge of Mutual Funds and the nature of an equity stock.

Students will: 

  • Gain an practical understanding of the composition and applications of ETFs and how they are used by the savvy investor.
  • Gain an understanding of the different types of ETFs, where, how and why they are traded, and which ones are most widely traded.
  • Gain a practical understanding of using ETF hedging models.
  • Understand the tax benefits of ETFs

Follow up courses

Global Securities: Trading and Settlement 



Lesson 1

·     History and Background of ETFs.

Lesson 2

·     Understanding the ETF structure and the different types of product.

Lesson 3

·     Key Characteristics

Lesson 4

·     Differences and similarities with other financial products.

Lesson 5

·     The creation and redemption process.

Lesson 6

·     Market Making.

Lesson 7

·     Liquidity.



  Lesson 8

·     ETF Regulation.

Lesson 9

·     Taxation.

Lesson 10

·     Advanced Investment Strategies.

Lesson 11

·     Evaluating ETFs.

Lesson 12

·     Guidelines for Placing ETF orders and how order/trade flow works for exchange traded products.

Lesson 13

·     The Myths of ETF Investing.  



Online Exam

·     Once you have completed the course the exam will automatically start.

Course Code: CEC11