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Leveraged ETFs in Canada - Trading and Risk Strategies

Credit hours are based on self-assessment.

This advanced level course describes the creation of the product, how it has evolved, the risk profile of the product and the risk profile of those that hold and trade this product. The course provides an opportunity to delve into how different leveraged ETF trading strategies are used depending on what the trader, broker or broker dealer targets are.

This course is designed for the sophisticated investor, portfolio manager, investment advisor or trader.

We recommend the Exchange Traded Funds (Advanced) or Science of ETFs and the Guide to Understanding the Derivatives Market course(s) as a prerequisite to this course.

You may start your online course upon confirmation of payment.  Your confirmation email will include your username and password to enter the online classroom.  

You can start immediately or you can come back at a later time to complete the course.

Once you start the exam portion of the course you must continue to the end. You will not be permitted to navigate back to previous pages.

This course should be of particular interest to persons:

  • Interested in trading this product or adding this product to their portfolio
  • Interested in the ttrading and compliance strategies involved in this product
The participants for this courses must have sophisticated product knowledge of Exchange Traded Funds, Equity Stocks and Derivatives.

We recommend the Exchange Traded Funds (Advanced) or Science of ETFs and the Guide to Understanding the Derivatives Market course(s) as a prerequisite to this course.

This course provides the sophisticated trader, broker, broker dealer and investor with advanced product knowledg of Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds.  Compliance strategies and considerations along with trading strategies are also included.

Follow up courses

Global Securities: Trading and Settlement 


Course Outline

Lesson 1: Background of Leveraged ETFs
Lesson 2: The basics of Leveraged ETFs
Lesson 3: Understanding Leveraged ETF liquidity
Lesson 4: Trading Strategies
Lesson 5: Usage amongst Investment Advisors and suitablity considerations
Lesson 6: Key Takeaways
Lesson 7: Key Questions to ask     
Lesson 8: Accessing Crude Oil Exposure through Futures Contracts
Appendix A: Background on the makeup of an ETF
Appendix B: History of ETFs

On-line Exam
At the end of the on-line course, you will complete a Test to confirm your understanding of Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds.

Course Code: CEC13