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Full Fat FATCA

Credit hours are based on self-assessment.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FATCA and the “Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters,” generally referred to as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). The Full Fat on FATCA follows the FATCA Lite course to delve into greater detail to help prepare firms for their upcoming implementation of FATCA policies and procedures and the upcoming implementation of the Common Reporting Standard.

This course includes a thorough examination of the key provisions and terminology, and key roles and responsibilities for FATCA and CRS compliance. It also covers the relevant intergovernmental agreements and outlines the registration of Financial Institutions on the IRS FATCA portal. The course material will provide a step by step approach to FATCA and CRS compliance including helpful links, clear definitions and specific task lists.  

You may commence taking your online course upon confirmation of payment.  The confirmation will also include your username and password to enter the online classroom.  

You can start immediately or you can come back at a later time to complete the course.

Once you start the exam portion of the course you must continue to the end. You will not be permitted to navigate back to previous pages.

This course should be of particular interest to:

  • Investment and financial firms' front office, back office, compliance, IT, licensed staff
  • Investment firms' counter parties at banks
  • Employees of regulatory agencies
  • Institutional client personnel
  • Industry vendors' employees
  • Persons presently outside the industry looking to increase specific financial knowledge or seek entry to the industry


FATCA LIte and Anti-Money Laundering are recommended.

After completing this FATCA course you will:
  • Understand the current impact and potential future development of FATCA and CRS.
  • Have tools to strategically incorporate new procedures into your existing compliance program.
  • Discover strategies and best practice to easily comply with key provisions of the Income Tax Act that implement FATCA and the CRS.
  • For easy reference and review there are “What you need to know” summaries at the end of every section.
  •  A Key Knowledge Multiple Choice Test at the end of the course will test your knowledge.


The Full Fat FACTA course is divided into two sections. The first expands into more detail the topics introduced in FATCA Lite. The second section gets into the compliance aspects of FATCA and CRS.

Section 1
Lesson 1: IGAs….Making FATCA Easier – this lesson goes into the details of what an Intergovernmental Agreements is and Canada’s position and timelines.
Lesson 2: Who is responsible for FATCA and CRS COMPLIANCE?
Lesson 3: When do you have to comply?

Section 2
Lesson 4: FATCA and CRS Due Diligence
Lesson 5: Opening New Individual and New Entity Accounts
Lesson 6: Other Exempt Entities
Lesson 7: Options for FATCA Compliance
Lesson 8: IRS Portal Registration and GIIN

Course Reading Material
There will be reading material and reference links to help your understanding of FATCA.

On-line Exam
At the end of the on-line course, you will complete a Knowledge Test to confirm your understanding of FATCA.

Course Code: CEC10