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A Guide to Understanding the Derivatives Market

This course is SUI assessed at 9 professional development credits.

This on-line course will explore options, futures and SWAP products as they have become increasingly important in the world of finance and investment. Finance professionals have to understand how these markets work, how they can be used and understand the risks associated with them.

You may commence taking your online course upon confirmation of payment.  The confirmation will also include your username and password to enter the online classroom.  

You can start immediately or you can come back at a later time to complete the course.

Once you start the exam portion of the course you must continue to the end. You will not be permitted to navigate back to previous pages.

Upon completion you will receive your SUI Course Certificate for submission to your firm.

This course should be of particular interest to:

  • Financial, Securities, IT, Vendor, Technical and Operations staff seeking further CE courses
  • Employees of mutual fund buy side and sell side
  • Investment firms' counter parties at banks
  • Clearing corporation and depository staff 
  • Employees of regulatory agencies
  • Institutional client personnel
  • Industry vendors' employees
  • Investment and financial firms' front office, back office, IT, licensed staff
  • Persons presently outside the industry looking to increase specific financial knowledge or seek entry to the industry


No advance preparation required, however follow-up courses recommended are:

  • Inside Canada's Securities Industry
  • Global Securities: Trading & Settlements
  • Compliance for the Securities Industry
  • Global Securities: Custody


The benefit to the student is:

  • Gain a better understanding and have practical knowledge of Derivative products.
  •  Learn the Trading, Clearing and Settlement processes.
  •  Gain awareness of the compliance and risk control factors.


Lesson 1

  • Introduces Derivative Products
Lesson 2
  • Regulation Reform in Canada
  • Exemptions from Regulations
Lesson 3

  • An overview of Options
  • Types of options (Index, Debt, Currency, Interest Rate, CDS)
  • Exercising Options
Lesson 4

  • Trading options
  • Account Opening and Documentation

Lesson 5
  • An overview of Futures and Forwards
  • Contract specifications
  • Trading
  • Futures pricing
  • Rolling Positions
  • Delivery of Future’s contracts
Lesson 6
  • An overview of SWAPs
  • Types of SWAPs

Lesson 7

  • Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)
  • Margin Requirements of IRS
  • Risks
Lesson 8
  • The Role of Credit Derivatives
Lesson 9
  • Total Rate of Return SWAP
  • Credit for Difference
Lesson 10
  • Trading FOREX
  • Forward
  • The Role of Reverse Currency
Lesson 11

  • Risks associated with trading derivatives


  • There is a quiz at the end of the course book to help you improve your grasp of the material.  
Online Exam 

  • Once you have completed the course you can begin the on-line exam to test your knowledge. Once you start the exam you cannot navigate back to previous pages.  You are only allowed to move forward within the exam.

Course Code: CEC05